Michael Carrera, Director, JCMF
Steven Huang, Director, Mozart on the Green

Welcome to the Juniper Chamber Music Festival and Mozart on the Green website. We are a non-profit 501c3 organization that brings high quality classical music and non-traditional music to underserved communities like those of Southeast Ohio. We are very excited to celebrate our 10th Anniversity from August 5-12, 2012. Please come celebrate with us as we perform 5 unique concerts in the Athens, OH area as part of "Mozart on the Green". We will present faculty and student concerts throughout the week!



We bring you the second annual "Mozart on the Green" music festival in conjuction with the Juniper Chamber Music Festival. Steven Huang (director of "Mozart on the Green") and I welcome you as our two organizations come together. We are excited about our program of artists and performance venues in 2012.

From August 5-12, 2012, we will bring you exciting guest artists from around the world to perform and teach in Athens, OH and the surrounding area. We will have a select number of talented students who will learn from our artists as well as prepare a concert at the end of the week for all to enjoy. Each will represent the wide range of culture we cherish in this area of the Appalachia Trail. We will start at the Ohio University School of Music and then branch out into different locations - soon to be announced.

We will be hosting a few returning artists as well as some new faces. Rest assured, that our venues are inventive and representative of our unique community. Like last year, we will have 5 one hour concerts, always informal. We want you, our patrons, to feel comfortable in late summer. Our aritsts prefer to be comfortable as well, in what can be sweetering heat at times. We encourage ou to come up and talk to us after any of our concerts. We want to know what you think, how you liked the performance, and what pieces you preferred.

It is our hope that yuo not only join us for these wonderful events, but that you also give generously to our cause of bringing great music and great musicians to relatively underreprested communities such as ours. We want to keep it free and open to the public. Your generosity can make a difference.

Please enjoy our concerts!

Guest artists will be announced shortly.

Concert venues August 5-12, 2012:
August 6 - Ohio University School of Music; Recital Hall
Augsut 7 - Lutheran Church; Athens, OH
August 8 - TBA
August 9 - TBA
August 10 - TBA
August 11 -Students; Ohio University School of Music, Recital Hall

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